Steps to operating your franchise

WEEK 1 After Contract Execution and Prior to Training

  • Gain access to marketing and sales portals.
  • Schedule training.
  • Discuss franchise startup logistics and plan for the following 6–12 weeks.
  • Complete gaps in market analysis, refine pro forma, work on distribution locations, order racks, refine prospect list, join associations, set pricing/discounts, draft promotional plan, identify key relationships, finalize print calendar, and access all sales and marketing assets.

WEEK 2 Training Week

  • Attend Sales Training and On-Boarding in Austin, TX.

WEEK 3 After Training

  • Review critical items from training with MDA and finalize schedule for weeks 3–12.
  • Complete Go-To-Market strategy, refine proforma, share distribution management job description, and set up distribution locations.
  • Announce market ownership.
  • Complete back-office set-up, contact Brokers, schedule meetings, and order supplies.

WEEK 4 In-Market Assistance

  • Conduct Sales Presentations and consult with MDM on operations, marketing, and distribution while in market.
  • Prospect, set up appointments, and conduct Sales Presentations.
  • Execute sales and marketing activities.

WEEK 5–8Sales Cycle

  • Conference Call with Market Development Manager as needed.
  • Make contacts, set up appointments, sell pages, close deals.

WEEK 9 Ad-Copy Deadline

  • Conference Call with Market Development Manager as needed.
  • Finalize sales cycle, communicating ad copy deadline.

WEEK 10 Files Due To Printer

  • Conference call with Market Development Manager as needed.
  • Communicate with advertisers, finalize ads, submit PDF for shipping, and submit files.

WEEK 11 Magazine Distribution

  • Receive magazines from the printer, stay focused on sales and distribution.
  • Renew ads and collect revenue.
  • Restart sales cycle.